Thirteen years ago, my son-in-law said, “You should write a blog.” Running with the idea, he built one. Titled it something like, The Wonderful Works of the Lord. Suddenly I was writing about Jesus and His words in front of the whole world, well, 3 supportive family members. Point is writing opened me up, gave me permission to question and learn tons about God — and there’s nothing I want more than to know the Lord.

The Holy Spirit continues to amaze.

Which brings me to you.

You’ve taken time to subscribe, share a heartfelt reflection, cheer me on. I know writers are supposed to write for the sake of readers, but that’s not how it began for me.

You fanned into flame the gift God gave. Thank you!

Whether you’ve been here thirteen years or thirteen seconds, I pray you’ll be encouraged to know the Lord, ask Him all your questions, and trust Him when He answers.

Just a bite from the Bible.

Open it! It’s for you!

“Visit many good books, but live in the Bible.”

Charles Spurgeon